What Are The Different Rice Varieties Grown By The Best Rice Company In India?

What Are The Different Rice Varieties Grown By The Best Rice Company In India?

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India is the second largest producer of rice, right after China. India is also the top rice exporter to the rest of the world. Suitable climate conditions and the soil's quality make certain parts of the country highly fertile for rice production. 

Besides being one of the largest rice producers and exporters, India also produces a large variety of rice. Each of these rice varieties is known to have different characteristics. Also, one of the most crucial factors that help distinguish the rice varieties is the grain size. Usually, rice grains are categorized into three categories; long, medium, and short. 

Here is a detailed guide about some of the most popular rice varieties produced by some significant rice-producing companies like Shiv Shakti International. 

Basmati Rice

In India, basmati rice triumphs among all other varieties. This rice has long kernels. Additionally, it is a widely used rice variety for cooking Biryanis, Pulao's, and other royal rice dishes. Basmati means fragrant in Sanskrit. And it lives up to its title. Perhaps no other variety of rice is as tasty and fragrant as basmati rice in India. It's also one of the most expensive rice varieties exported to other countries. 


In Maharashtra and the surrounding areas, Ambemohar is a well-liked rice type. Mango blossoms are referred to as Ambemohar in Marathi. And the foods made with these rice grains all have a similar pleasant fruity scent.

Even though it is a short-grain variety, it tastes far better than other types of white rice. This rice can be used to prepare various Maharashtrian meals, including Varan Bhat. It can be used to produce Masala Bhat, Vegetable Pulao, and Tawa Pulao. It improves these recipes' flavor and scent


The rice variety Dubraj has medium-sized grains. Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh are the states where it is primarily grown. It is also a very commonly grown variety by Rice Company in India.

Additionally, it is a fragrant kind of rice, allowing one to prepare delectable meals at home. Dubraj rice maintains its texture and shape even after cooking, making it one of the best choices for rice recipes that require a long cooking time. Consequently, it is a fantastic substitute for Basmati rice.

HMT Kolam

Another extensively used variety in India is HMT Kolam. HMT kolam is a short-grained rice variety popular in southern parts of India. 

The rice is renowned for having a unique flavor and scent. Like all other forms of Kolam, it can be used daily. With this rice, one can prepare pulao, fried rice, khichadi, jeera rice, pej (kanji), masala bhat, and vangi bhat.

Sona Masuri

In Andhra Pradesh, sona masuri rice is hugely well-liked. Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka are the principal growing regions. It is a rice variety with medium grains. It does smell excellent, at least in terms of scent

Additionally, it can be used to make various South Indian dishes, such as curd rice and lemon rice. With this kind of rice, one may also create Uttapam, Akki Roti, Idli, Dosa, and Thengai Paal Payasam

These are the five most popular rice varieties widely used in the country and exported internationally. These varieties are grown by some of the best companies across India, which can guarantee authentic quality and taste.