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Basmati Rice Producer & Suppliers in India

Basmati is long-grain rice that has been produced for centuries in a specific geographical area of the Himalayan foothills of the Indian subcontinent. It is one of the best rice brands which deliver a premium quality product. Basmati rice varieties are known for their soft and delicate texture, delectable taste, pleasant flavor, and refreshing aroma. At the time of cooking, basmati rice grows to double its size.

India is the leading exporter and producer of Basmati rice. Shiv Shakti International deals in various types of Basmati rice. We have an outstanding infrastructure that includes ultramodern machinery and a team of experienced personnel to efficiently process our product range. We take great pride in sourcing our specialties from the well-known regions of India where the best crop varieties are grown.

These rice grains are then meticulously prepared to bring out their true taste, aroma, and flavors. The products are then packaged to preserve the rich, authentic flavor of India for consumers to enjoy around the world. Undoubtedly, packaging is crucial to our industry, which is why we, as Basmati Rice Suppliers in India, offer our entire selection in jute bags of a standard weight with appropriate labeling. We supply a wide range of basmati rice as per clients' requirements.