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Rice is routinely consumed as it is king of the kitchen. It is also considered a main food in many parts of the world and meets the nutritious need of millions of people.

Basmati rice

We are the world's leading producer and exporter of Basmati Rice that is the best-known varieties of rice all across the globe. Basmati is a type of long, slightly grained, the aromatic grain of rice and different than others because it contains vitamins and minerals, fiber and protein. On cooking, the grains fluff up to other than twice the unique length; and won't stick together or break. It will be an important part of all quality rice recipes and on your serving of food to savor.

Non basmati rice

Apart from basmati rice, we cultivate and process one of the premium qualities of Non-Basmati Rice that is part of the daily consumption and serves as a staple food for rice eaters of the Indian households; also it is cooked for commercial purpose. Non-basmati rice grain comes in different shapes and sizes, some are slender and long and some are short and round in sizes. It is processed with care and cleanliness which maintains the nutritional value.

Organic rice.

Organic rice is a fundamental food in many cuisines around the world and is free from all pesticides. It is verified to be more nourishing and safer than non-organic rice. Offered organic range of basmati rice is vigilantly produced while keeping all your concerns about health and quality in mind. The health benefits of rice include its ability to provide instant energy, regulate and improve bowel movements, stabilize blood sugar levels, and slow down the aging process.

As shown above, there are a variety of factors involved in what rice types fulfill your requirements.