Basmati Rice Export from India to Turkey

Basmati Rice Export from India to Turkey


India is the world's second-largest rice exporter, and total exports are expected to reach 7 million tons by 2020 due to rising rice demand in Southeast Asia, particularly the Philippines. Rice consumption is growing at a higher rate, by the moderate rate of population growth, and domestic rice grain demand is estimated at roughly 2 million tons per year. Many countries, including Turkey, import basmati aromatic rice such as 1121 basmati rice and Sharbati rice. Rice is grown in 1000 different varieties around the world, with 20 of them being commercially farmed.

Basmati rice exports from India to Turkey have increased significantly over time as consumers become more aware of the options available. India is an agricultural country that produces a wide variety of cereals. Out of the many grains on the market, rice is the most easily digested. That's why it is a good option for gluten-intolerant people or those on a low-calorie diet. Basmati rice is the most popular rice in the Healthy diet. Here are some of the advantages of basmati rice, which assist in understanding why it's a staple in most healthy diets.

  • High nutritional value

  • Facilitates fat oxidation

  • Great source of fiber and energy

  • Helps maintain brain functions

  • Lowers blood pressure

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