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Offering perfect varieties of Indian rice like basmati rice, 1121 basmati rice, traditional rice, round rice, and organic rice...

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Shiv Shakti International makes use of unique processing techniques to deliver magnificent essence and healthful varieties of rice. We are recognized as a leading manufacturer and exporter of various rice varieties in domestic as well as global markets. Our product line is broadly praised by customers for rich flavor, alluring aroma, and refreshing taste.

Since 2005, we serve our customers by providing the most elegant rice varieties. We have considerable resources to complete the entire process. We are a chief rice manufacturer from India, giving 1401 basmati rice, golden Sella basmati rice, white Sella basmati rice, Pusa rice, Jeera rice, and various further varieties. Besides, all kinds of rice hold immense nutritional value, fresh fragrance, pure and lengthy shelf period. Our basmati rice is in high demand throughout the world to cook numerous dishes because of its nature of being the world's longest rice and for its pleasant aroma and taste. Its length becomes two-fold after cooking and texture remains non-sticky. Moreover, people praise our products and applause amazing recipes prepared from our products.

We are ahead in other facilities too. We reduce the production costs and give pure rice without harming its original features at the real market rate. Owning an ISO certified range of rice carries strict inspections at all steps right from breeding and harvesting to mill and storage and till the final packaging stage.