Sharbati Golden Sella Basmati Rice


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Sharbati Golden Sella Basmati Rice | SSI

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Having a huge market experience, we are committed in providing a wide range of Sharbati Golden sella basmati rice. Due to unique properties this rice is appreciated by our potential customers. Most importantly, Sharbati golden Sella basmati rice is easy to digest as it consists of natural dietary fiber, it is widely favored globally. Besides, this rice is processed by our under hygienic conditions as it is cultivated carefully to preserve its freshness. The extremely long grain rice spread fine aroma and almost double upon cooking. Thus, its long slender grains make it unique among other varieties of long grain rice. Also, it provides soft, delicate fluffy texture, taste of excellence tempting flavor and magical aroma. We do not compromise with taste, quality or texture and offer a wide range of Sharbati golden Sella basmati rice with a quality premium. Furthermore, this rice is more energetic due to highly nutritious values present in Sharbati golden Sella basmati rice as this rice is strictly cultivated under the supervision of our experts which is safe and healthy for consumption. While producing this rice our experts keeping all your concern about health and taste. Customers can avail the various packaging options at the competitive prices as per their requirements.

AGL 6.95 MM