Basmati Rice Export from India to Poland

Basmati Rice Export from India to Poland


India is known all over the world for its rice cultivation, as it is one of the world's major producers and consumers of the crop. Because of its high demand and superior quality, basmati rice exports have been extremely important and profitable for Agricultural producers. Between January and October 2020, basmati rice exports reached 11.95 million tons, compared to 8.34 million tons in 2019. Basmati rice exports from India to Poland have increased significantly over time as consumers become more aware of the options available. Furthermore, basmati rice export is an important element of our economy and helps several large farmers.

Export of Basmati Rice from India

The previous year was an excellent year for basmati rice exports from India, as Indian nationals take precautionary measures consumed more rice. This led to an increase in overall demand for basmati rice, resulting in the export of almost 6 million tons of rice. Furthermore, due to its enormous Indian export economy, Poland is the largest market for basmati rice shipped from India. Overall, India exported over 14 million tons of rice to countries all over the world.

A Leading Basmati Rice Exporter from India: Shiv Shakti Basmati Rice

We, Shiv Shakti Basmati rice introduces ourselves as a rice export enterprise headquartered in Ambala Saha, Haryana, India. This rice enterprise specializes in the export of both basmati and non-basmati rice. As an international exporter of basmati rice, the company has been recognized for its continuous delivery of high-quality rice goods and timely service. SSI has positioned itself as a global leader in rice production and export because of its innovative and integrated approach. We, Rice Exporters from India to Poland, export top quality rice in large amounts to Poland, which is tested on various parameters to avoid adulterations and offers the best quality rice.