Basmati Rice Export from India to Malaysia

Basmati Rice Export from India to Malaysia


Basmati Rice is long-grain delicious rice that has been cultivated in the Himalayan foothills of the Indian subcontinent for decades. It is known for its extra-long delicate grain, soft and fluffy texture when cooked, amazing taste, superior aroma, and distinct flavor. These qualities are associated with basmati rice by the agro-climatic conditions of the specific geographical area, agricultural practices, plant nutrition, and harvesting, processing, and storage methods.


Global Basmati Rice consumption has risen by more than 5.70 percent from 8446.7 metric tons in 2012 to 10545.2 metric tons in 2016. Due to the high quality of both Basmati and non-basmati rice, large quantities of Basmati rice export from India to Malaysia. India exported over 14 million tons of rice around the world, increasing its market share in the global rice export business. Furthermore, due to the huge Indian migrant population, the Middle East and neighboring Arabian nations are the largest markets for basmati rice exported from India. Overall, India exported approximately 14 million tons of rice to countries all over the world that helping India to increase market share in the global rice export business.

The following are the major importers of Indian basmati rice:

  1. United States of America

  2. United Kingdom

  3. Singapore

  4. Saudi Arabia

  5. Malaysia

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