Rice Exporter from India to Netherlands

Rice Exporter from India to Netherlands


Rice exporter from India to Netherlands: India is projected to produce 1308.37 lakh metric tons of rice in the years 2022�23. With its reputation as a major rice exporter, India annually ships 21 million metric tons of these staple crops worldwide. In fact, it holds the title of being the world's second-largest rice exporter. One country that eagerly imports India's high-quality rice is the Netherlands.

Shiv Shakti International (SSI), the leading name in the Indian rice industry, has emerged as a key player in meeting the global demand for rice, including in the Netherlands. With its extensive experience and expertise, SSI has firmly established itself as the top Rice exporter of India to Netherland. The company has earned recognition for consistently delivering top-notch rice to meet the demands of Dutch consumers. SSI takes pride in its commitment to excellence and ensures that only premium-quality rice reaches its overseas customers.

From India to Netherlands: Exporter of High-Grade Basmati Rice

Shiv Shakti International (SSI), as a trustworthy Rice exporter from India to Netherlands, provides only top-notch rice types. However, our popular rice type is Basmati, known for its long grains, delightful fragrance, and excellent taste. Sourced directly from the fertile regions of India, our Basmati rice is carefully processed to preserve its natural aroma and unique flavor. The other types of rice are also demanded globally.

Types of rice varieties offered by SSI

���� Basmati Rice
���� Fortified-Rice
���� Non-Basmati Rice
���� Organic Rice

Basmati Rice: Known for its delicate aroma and long grains, Basmati rice is a prized Indian export, appealing to connoisseurs worldwide.

Fortified Rice: Enriched with essential nutrients, fortified rice addresses malnutrition concerns, making it a crucial export for health-conscious markets.

Non-Basmati Rice: India's diverse rice selection includes short-grain and medium-grain varieties, perfect for diverse culinary preferences globally.

Organic Rice: Grown sustainably without harmful chemicals, Indian organic rice satisfies the demand for eco-friendly and healthy food choices abroad.

Commitment to Quality

We as a leading Rice exporter of India to Netherlands prioritize quality above all else. With our extensive knowledge and experience in handling rice, we have implemented strict tests and processes to meet the highest standards of quality and food safety. For instance, we take extra precautions by double fumigating the cargo both in our plant and in the containers to eliminate any possibility of infestation. We provide all the required inspection certifications with each shipment, ensuring complete transparency. Additionally, we conduct drop tests on our bags from an optimal height to guarantee their strength, along with various other measures to uphold the highest quality standards.

What makes us one of the largest rice exporters from India to Netherlands?

We are recognized as a leading exporter of rice from India to Netherlands for various reasons. Our Basmati and non-Basmati rice stands out for its outstanding quality that complies with rigorous global standards. We provide an extensive selection of rice options to cater to the varied tastes of Dutch consumers. Additionally, we maintain competitive prices so that our valued customers in the Netherlands can easily afford our products.

Let's take a glance at some essential points that make us the best in the export industry.

���� Reliable Supply: We ensure a consistent and reliable supply chain, meeting the demands of the Dutch market.
���� Adherence to Regulations: Our adherence to all import and export regulations ensures smooth transactions and customer satisfaction.
���� Excellent Service: We provide exceptional customer service, building strong and lasting relationships with our clients.
���� Continuous Improvement: We constantly strive to enhance our services and products, staying at the forefront of the industry.
���� Transparent Transactions: Our transparent business practices instill trust and confidence among our Dutch partners.
���� Experience and Expertise: With years of experience and industry expertise, we understand the intricacies of the rice export business, making us a reliable choice for the Netherlands' rice demands.

Our Certifications:

��� �ISO 22000:2018 certification
��� �HACCP Certification
��� �GMP Certification
��� �Star Export House Certification
��� �FSSAI Certification

Challenges and Solutions

Challenges: Price fluctuations, logistics, and quality control

Solutions: Effective communication, cooperation, and adherence to standards ensure profitable and smooth trade.

To sum up,

Shiv Shakti International, the rice exporter from India to Netherlands, values the cultural heritage and traditions of India. We work closely with rice mills and farmers to ensure sustainable and fair production. We offer high-quality rice and promote positive economic and environmental changes.

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