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1401 Raw Basmati Rice | SSI

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Shiv Shakti international, who is a renowned manufacturer and exporter of 1401 raw basmati rice, has a strong distribution network in all major areas. 1401 raw basmati rice is extremely popular in the market due to high nutritious values. It reduces the chances of disease because of present antioxidant properties in rice. Our rice has some distinct characteristics like 100% purity, the extra-long grain, non-sticky after cooking and longer shelf life. That's why it is called the king of all varieties. Furthermore, it is pure nourishing for the body tissues and easy to digest as it is tested under the expert's examination. As we put a strong emphasis on modern and high tech equipment as well as modern processing units. This equipment helps us to inspect this rice type on different predefined measures. The rice quality is monitored, tested and assured at every step of the whole process to maintain the highest quality 1401 raw basmati rice. Hence, it helps to maintain high healthful values, excellent taste, and rich aroma. As the divine aroma of 1401 raw basmati rice has been delighting across the world. To meet customer demand, this is available in different necessary packaging at a fair price and customers may be eased with these affordable rates.

AGL 7.80 MM