Varieties Of Rice Provided By Rice Exporters

Varieties Of Rice Provided By Rice Exporters

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Rice is a staple food in India and is available in several varieties. With a single type of rice, you can form out endless combinations and enjoy every part of your meal. However, to get the best recipes and dishes from rice, you need to be aware of the different types of rice that can be provided to you by basmati rice exporters. 

Once you are aware of the types of rice, you can change the type of rice you have been using for a long period of time, or you can keep them as substitutes. The reasons behind this are that each type of rice has its own quality, taste, texture, and properties. So you should know which is the best type of rice and which one will suit your taste the most. 

If seen all over the world, there are more than 1 00,000 types of rice from which you can choose from and buy according to your choice and preferences from rice exporters. The classification of these rice types is made on the basis of the shape and texture of the grain. However, the main rice types are classified into four types, which are

Types of rice

  1. Wild rice

The wild race is a long-lengthened grain and type of rice that can deliver you tasty recipes. Like most of the rice available with the exporters, wild rice is also gluten-free and has high counts of fiber and protein. Due to increased amounts of fiber and protein, consuming wild rice can keep your body healthy. You can add your preferred spices and herbs to wild rice and enjoy tasty recipes.

  1. Basmati rice

Basmati rice is a common and most-loved type of rice in India. Basmati rice is exported from India in several other countries in large amounts. The basmati rice is known for its unique fragrance, tenderness and it comes in a relatively small size compared to others. This non-sticky rice can deliver you the best Indian recipes and is commonly used in Indian cuisine. 

  1. Red rice

Red rice is a rare type of rice and resembles its name majorly. It comes in a brownish-red context, and you can only find this type in special markets or a handful of rice exporters. Red rice is mainly used in foreign countries with dishes like pork and other meats and vegetables. 

  1. Brown rice

Brown rice is preferred by people as it can reduce the risk of heart diseases. The reason behind this is that it is a rich source of fiber and is high in minerals and vitamins. However, brown rice takes more time to be cooked as compared to the other types available in the market.

Final Thoughts

The above were the four main types of rice available to exporters. Each of the above-mentioned types has a unique taste, texture, quality, and even some benefits. However, if you are confused with the decision-making part, you can go with the most-loved type of rice in India, i.e., basmati rice which you can get from a reputed rice exporter from India.