Top manufacturers perspective: Rice is heart of India

Top manufacturers perspective: Rice is heart of India


As per top rice manufacturers, Rice serves as an essential food source for more than half of the world's population. It supports the rural as well as the urban populations for their food security. Rice has the utmost importance in economy of the developing world, especially Asia.

There are many different types of rice with many different qualities that fulfill the requirements of the consumers. And these quality factors relate to grain length, stickiness, aroma, texture, and flavor.

Different types of rice contain different nutritional values. Approx 520 million people in Asia, including most of the middle class, poor and very poor; rice provides 50% of their caloric supply.

India and other Asian countries including Bangladesh, Myanmar etc consumes rice in large quantities making Rice as the global staple food.

Rice: A global staple food

  • Rice is the world's leading food crop that directly supplies more than 52% of rice that is consumed by the human population.
  • Researchers say that human consumption in 2009 accounted for 78% of total production for rice, compared with other grains.
  • Every year one billion people are added to the world population, 100 million tones of more rice needed to be produced annually.
  • One-fifth of the world's population depends on rice cultivation for their livelihood.
  • In most of the developing countries, rice availability is equated with food security and connected to political stability.
  • That is why rice is the most important food crop for people living in lower economic countries.

Rice Manufacturers in India

Rice suppliers in India offer a wide selection of rice types – long-grain, medium-grain, organic, and many more. According to them, Rice is the most nutritive and widespread staple in the world. Shiv Shakti International is also one of the leading manufacturers in rice and serves rice types such as Basmati rice, Non-basmati rice, and organic rice. Basmati rice is the popular among rice grains; it has been a matter of immense pride for India.

Basmati rice includes various varieties such as:

Basmati rice

  • 1121 basmati rice
  • Traditional basmati rice,
  • Pusa basmati rice
  • 1401 basmati rice
  • 1509 basmati rice
  • Sugandha basmati rice
  • Sharbati basmati rice

Above all types of rice 1121, Basmati Rice takes a special place in the rice world as it is hybrid extra long grain rice grown in Haryana, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh states of India. Its average grain length is approx 8.30 mm+. It extends up to thrice while cooking properly.

Non Basmati Rice

  • PR11 non-basmati rice
  • PR14 non-basmati rice
  • Parmal non-basmati rice
  • Round non-basmati rice
  • Jeera rice
  • Sona Masuri rice

PR 11 is one of the non-basmati rice verities produced in the Haryana, Punjab, and Uttar Pradesh states of India. It has a uniform grain size and does not stick after cooking. The average grain length is 6.80 mm+. It enlarges almost double if cooked properly. Its form is available in White Sella, Sella/ Parboiled, Steam, and Golden Sella.

As Rice exporters in India , we are expert in the rice trade. Our organic 1121 is the most popular among the rice eaters due to its several health benefits. The specialty of organic rice is, it includes highly dietary fiber than other rice grains as it never loses its nutrition during germination. Keeping in mind the quality and quantity production of rice for the growing population we make efforts to reach out to all the parts of world.

The bottom line is, Rice manufacturers estimated that for every one billion people added to the world's population, 100 million more tons of rice (paddy) need to be produced annually. Therefore rice is considered the most crucial food all over the world whether it is developed countries or developing countries