Tips for Choosing the best quality Rice

Tips for Choosing the best quality Rice


More than half the world's people consume rice every day and fulfills over 21% calorific requirement of world population. It is considered the whole grain which is rich in fiber and it contains 80 percent with protein, phosphorus, and potassium. There are hundreds of different varieties of rice — white, brown, black and red. Each rice grain has a unique shape, texture, and flavor that make it just right for certain dishes.

The quality of rice between various types has different standards. Therefore, you must select the best quality rice because rice with superior quality is not only good for consumption but also good for health.

Each country has its set quality standards for whole grains. Often, rice manufactures focus on these quality standards which includes physical characteristics as well as the chemical characteristics.

Physical Characteristics of Rice Grain

  • Whole and broken grains
  • Shape and size of the grain
  • Color of grain
  • Chalkiness
  • Weight
  • Damaged and discolored kernels
  • Foreign material like dirt, stones
  • The moisture content of the grain

Chemical characteristics of rice grain

The chemical characteristics are about:

  • How the grain looks after cooking and how it feels when it is eaten
  • Gelatinization temperature
  • Gel consistency
  • Texture (how it feels when eaten)
  • Aroma (how it smells)

Rice Quality Factors

Grain Length – Length of the grain describes more about a specific rice variety.

  • Long grain rice varieties have less starch, which is why they don’t stick together and becomes longer when cooked.
  • For short-grain rice varieties, it looks round and stout, containing more starch than other shapes of rice grains. Post cooking, short-grain rice takes on a sticky texture.
  • Finally, medium-grain rice is in the middle of short and long grain and commonly used in various dishes.


The moisture content is one of the important factors in grains quality. It denotes as the quality of water per unit mass of grain and expressed on a percentage basis.

Damage kernel

Damaged kernels constitute an important grading factor. The main types of damage are due to insects, heat, molds, and weathering, sprouted, frost, diseases, non-uniform maturity and lack of/partial grain filling.


Color deterioration is one type of form that is due to milled rice discoloration. If the rice is stored improperly, rice whiteness changes to different classes of milled rice discoloration. It is happened due to microbial and chemical reactions which depend on storage temperature, moisture content, and duration.

Things to be consider before buying quality rice

  • Color of the rice

    One important thing which is ignored by most of us that is the color of the rice. As whiteness is an important characteristic of rice grain. So, choose the color of the rice that has bright colors with not much yellowish.

  • Rice texture

    Quality rice has a fine texture and not easily broken when pressed. Rice which is easily broken when pressed, it means that rice is not suitable for consumption.

  • Aroma of rice

    Rice which you are going to choose should have a natural aroma. Currently, there are few types of rice containing artificial fragrance available in the market. So, avoid this type of rice. Select a trusty rice store such as rice suppliers in India where you can get natural aromatic rice.

  • Be careful with cheap rice

    When choosing the best quality rice, pay attention to the price. In the market, there are different prices of rice offered. The price of rice is determined as per the quality of the rice. As much as quality of rice is high, prices will be high.

  • Buy From Trusted Store

    Apart from the above-mentioned techniques the next tip to ensuring the quality of rice is to buy the rice from trusted stores. They provide rice that is lab certified, ISO approved, therefore safe and healthy for human consumption.

  • Choose rice that is clean and free from impurities

    Last but not least, get the best and superior quality rice that does not contain any kind of dirt and impurities. You can get fresh rice from rice manufacturers from India. Our offered rice is more protected and hygienically tested on various health standards.

Why it is essential to find the best quality rice suppliers?

In the past years buying rice in bulk had to be carried out face to face. Nowadays, people just use to buy rice from trusted platforms such as Shiv Shakti . If you are a new customer and looking to buy rice in bulk, first study the list of the best rice suppliers.

Look out for past customer reviews of each supplier, also you should watch out for the supplier's rating on the platform. This lets you know that suppliers have a great record of dealing with customers. And it will give a chance to discuss their terms and conditions before buying the rice. Therefore, choose a store (Basmati rice exporters) that hand over safe and healthy rice products.

Rice suppliers in India, offering optimum quality Basmati Rice by keeping track with the market development. We are offering a wide variety of Basmati Rice, Non-basmati rice and organic rice, which is properly cleaned and hygienically processed and packed with the latest methods and machines to maintain the highest quality standards.

In essence, there are not only the above mention things that must be considered while choosing rice but also the quality of grain also be considered which is affected by several factors includes growing practices, time and type of harvesting, storage management. We as the top rice exporters in India always keep concerned for their customers and provide premium rice so that customers will be more healthy and awake.