Major basmati rice exporting and importing countries worldwide 2020/2021

Major basmati rice exporting and importing countries worldwide 2020/2021


In the financial year of 2018-19, a report estimated that the top three countries of rice consumption were China, India, and Indonesia. Only China consumed 143.8 million metric tons of rice this year.

Rice is one of the most utilized grains worldwide. In A few countries, it is used to make tasty and delicious dishes, in some poor countries it is used to feed the stomach.

The cultivation of rice depends on the monsoon and its yield is very high in some countries of Asia. In this, India comes at the top. 

In the year 2020-21, India has exported the highest value of rice worldwide at 15.5 million metric tons.

There are many varieties of rice, in which the best variety is considered to be Basmati rice. Let's see some facts about basmati rice

Basmati rice

Basmati rice is a long and slender-grained aromatic rice and is more flaky and flavorful than ordinary rice.

There are many reasons behind the high price of Basmati rice grown in India. The main reasons behind it, specific geographical Area and high worldwide demand. The cost of Basmati rice also depends on the length of the grain, the way of production, the aroma, etc.

Under the SEED Act Seed act 1986, 29 varieties of Basmati rice are being exported from Indian basmati rice exporters. Let's take a look at them.

29 varieties of Basmati rice

  1.  Basmati 217

  2. Basmati 370

  3. Type 3 (Dehradun Basmati)

  4.  Punjab Basmati 1 (Bauni Basmati)

  5. Pusa Basmati 1

  6.  Kasturi

  7. Haryana Basmati 1

  8.  Mahi Sugandha

  9.  Taraori Basmati (HBC 19 / Karnal Local)

  10.  Ranbir Basmati

  11.  Basmati 386

  12.  Improved Pusa Basmati 1 (Pusa 1460)

  13. Pusa Basmati 1121 (After amendment)

  14.  Vallabh Basmati 22

  15. Pusa Basmati 6 (Pusa 1401)

  16. Punjab Basmati 2

  17.  Basmati CSR 30 (After amendment)

  18.  Malviya Basmati Dhan 10-9 (IET 21669)

  19.  Vallabh Basmati 21 (IET 19493)

  20. Pusa Basmati 1509 (IET 21960)

  21.  Basmati 564

  22.  Vallabh Basmati 23

  23.  Vallabh Basmati 24

  24.  Pusa Basmati 1609

  25.  Pant Basmati 1 (IET 21665)

  26.  Pant Basmati 2 (IET 21953)

  27. Punjab Basmati 3

  28. Pusa Basmati 1637

  29.  Pusa Basmati 1728.

Basmati rice that is grown in the Himalayan regions is costlier than other basmati rice as their quality is of a different level. Their grains are very long, soft, fluffy, tasty, and very fragrant.

Best basmati rice exporter in the world

According to the official report of the government, India is the world's largest producer and exporter of Basmati rice.

In India, Mostly Basmati rice is grown in the states of Jammu, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, Uttarakhand, western Uttar Pradesh, and Delhi.

About 66% of the global market is occupied by Indian Basmati Rice while the rest is from Pakistan and other countries. India has exported 44,54,656.70 MT of Basmati Rice to the world for the worth of Rs 31,025.91 crores (or 4,330.68 US$ Mill.) during the year 2019-20.

Export of Basmati Rice from India to different countries:

Rice is an important committee that is being exported to different countries Basmati and non-basmati rice is exported from India to different countries. Below is a list of countries that import the largest number of Basmati rice into India.

  1. Iran

  2. Saudi Arab

  3. Iraq 

  4. U Arab EMTs

  5. Kuwait 

  6. Yemen Republic

  7. U.K

  8. USA

  9. Oman

   10. Canada