Is Rice Fattening or Weight Loss Friendly?

Is Rice Fattening or Weight Loss Friendly?


Rice is technically a seed of grass species and it comes in several varieties. Also, this staple food prepares in many Indian household kitchens to make a variety of dishes. However, nowadays people are more conscious of their health and they find purity in food, also consider how much calories, vitamins, protein are added in food products. From the point of view of weight watcher and health freaks, white rice has a high amount of starch and calories. According to people, the rice should be avoided. Is rice really fattening? The answer to that question depends upon the kind of rice like organic basmati and quantity of the rice which you add in your daily meal. You should not ban as you know that rice is very precious part of our daily diet, and we include it but in specific proportion.

Before going ahead you need to understand the basic facts of the rice:

  • What is Rice?

    Rice is an edible starchy cereal grain and one of the most important foods in the human diet. Approx one half of the population dependent upon the rice which is available in several varieties but white rice is one of the most popular varieties after the brown rice.

  • There are three components of rice:

    Bran: The outer layer of the rice seed is called bran which is rough and hard, it protects the seed. This contains mineral, fiber, and vitamin B and antioxidants.

    Germ: This small nutrient-rich core contains carbs, fat, protein, vitamins, healthy fats, minerals, and plant compounds.

    Endosperm: This is the largest part of the grain mostly made up of carbs. This consists of a small amount of protein and a high amount of starch.

Brown rice is considered a whole grain as it has germ, the outer bran and the inner bran intact that contains the high fiber. During the manufacturing of brown rice, it never lost its nutritional values.

More than half of people take brown rice for the purpose of weight loss. Nutritionists say that eating brown rice prevents you from overeating. That’s why it helps in weight loss. Apart from helping in weight loss, it also provides plenty of other health benefits like regulating blood pressure, avoiding the risk of colon and breast cancer, helps in preventing gall stones, strengthening bones, reduces the risk of heart diseases. Brown rice also helps in diabetes as it has a really low glycemic index that does not add to the rise of blood sugar levels in the body.

Rice effects on weight loss are conflicting

Rice comes in numerous varieties and each rice type has different nutritional functionalities. Also, it is the most helpful in weight loss due to its numerous benefits. However, a number of people are eliminating those foodstuffs which create fat in their body. Very few people think that if they consume rice on a daily basis, it will create fat in their bodies. Perhaps, they do not know about the basic facts of the rice.

As you know that each coin has two sides the same as with rice. It has also advantages and disadvantages both, but it can be made healthy with a few variations. Rice is low in fat, easily digestible and has a number of B Vitamins. If you are on a weight loss diet and don’t need to give up rice entirely. Because there are numerous factors that matter such as glycemic index, fiber content, types of cooking and of course its portions. All of these are essential. So, you do not need to worry about while consuming rice if you are eating it in a small portion.

  • The Healthiest way to eat rice:

    The most popular nutritious food is khichdi which is rich in carbohydrates and is good for instant energy

    Rice along with mixed vegetable curd is highly nutritious

    Fish and Rice Soup are considered a complete meal in itself and healthy for the body

    Consuming boiled rice is also helpful in weight reduction

So, do not stop to eat rice. Simply ensure that you eat smaller portions of rice which is generally good for health.

Eventually, we can say that like other whole grains there are also pros and cons of eating rice, but when it comes to weight loss, the two things matter the type of rice and the proportion of size. Rice is the staple food, so it is hard to give up; still, one thing you should remember, instead of taking the unlimited quantity of rice, if you keep an eye on the portion size then rice would be weight friendly! With quantity quality should not be compromised. Shiv Shakti International is the best rice manufacture in India providing utmost quality organic rice.