How to Manufacture Basmati Rice?

How to Manufacture Basmati Rice?

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Rice is highly consumable food in India. Although various varieties found in rice, basmati has its exceptional quality as it is characteristically longer than other forms of rice. Besides, it has unique aroma and mouth watering taste. Due to these special features, it is not just prefer in India but it is globally consumed. It is grown in various state of India.

Basmati rice is categorized in two parts: White basmati rice and Brown basmati rice. Both have different nutritional values and appearance.  As Basmati suppliers in India serves the great variety of rice to their customer, also provide a good packaging as per their requirements.

Let us take a look at the basmati rice process as it is similar to other rice types.


It is the process of collecting the mature rice crop. In harvesting activity, it includes cutting, stacking, handling. Good harvesting methods help maximize the grain yield and reduce the grain deterioration. Harvesting can be done either manually or mechanically. However, brown basmati rice can be obtained just after harvesting.


Once the rice is harvested, the product has to be dried in order to reduce the moisture content. It can be done naturally by drying in the sun or by artificially heated. Once the grain is dry, it is ready to be processed into useful product.


After this, the rice is then hulled; it is process of removing the hull from the rice. The rice is being produced; it is either hulled by an automated machine that grind the rice or by hand. When it is done by hand, the rice is ground between two stones to remove the hull.


It is the additional step which has to be taken to produce white rice. In order to produce white rice, the rice has to be further milled. The bran layers on the outside of the rice are gently removed to reveal the inner, white grain.


After the polishing, the nutrients and vitamins are lost which are presented in rice. Basmati rice suppliers in India replenished the rice with some important nutrients and vitamins to make it more suitable for consumption.

Eventually, Rice cultivation is a complex activity; it requires special attention and a series of processes to achieve the finish product.  Basmati Rice suppliers in India provide the best rice varieties which are processed under the vigilance of rice experts.