Distributorship Opportunity with Premium Basmati Rice Supplier

Distributorship Opportunity with Premium Basmati Rice Supplier


At Shiv Shkati International we're excited to offer exclusive distributorship opportunities! Join hands with us and become a part of our globally recognized brand. As a distributor, you'll have access to our wide array of high-quality rice varieties, including organic and non-basmati options. We believe in fostering mutually beneficial partnerships, providing healthy and nutritious rice to people worldwide. Partnering with us means gaining access to superior-quality rice products highly valued across the globe. Take advantage of this opportunity and expand your market with our esteemed rice offerings.

Partner with the Shahi Quila: Distributorship Opportunities Available Now

Join hands with SSI and become a distributor of our exquisite rice products! We're extending invitations to global importers and buyers who wish to be part of the esteemed Shahi Quila brand family. Stock your shelves with our flavorful rice varieties, and delight your customers with the richness and quality of our offerings. Partner with us to bring the finest rice products to your market and be a part of our journey to deliver excellence worldwide.

How We Lead India's Rice Industry as Premier Manufacturers

1.    Infrastructure: Our vast warehousing space with cutting-edge machinery ensures cleanliness and efficient storage. We cater to bulk packaging needs for catering companies, offering customizable sizes and materials.
2.    Quality Assurance: As a top basmati rice supplier in India, our focus remains on top-notch rice quality. Rigorous examination of paddy and rice guarantees consistently high-quality products meeting international standards.
3.    Research & Development: By investing significantly in modern machinery and research, we stay updated on global rice technology. Our dedication to advancement has earned us recognition as one of India's fastest-growing companies, certified by various quality standards like ISO, FDA, and more.
4.    Continuous Improvement: We consistently exceed customer expectations by delivering impeccably cleaned and hygienically processed rice, ensuring a reliable and superior supply.
5.    Commitment to Excellence: From farm to final product, our dedication ensures high-quality rice, coupled with exceptional service, meeting and surpassing customer needs.
6.    Certifications: We are certified by esteemed authorities like ISO, FDA, FSSAI, GMP, HACCP, KOSHAR, and HALAL, reflecting our commitment to delivering superior quality and safety in all our products.

Diverse Excellence: Our Range of Finely Crafted Rice Selections

As a distinguished rice manufacturer, our range of products encompasses an array of choices catering to diverse preferences. We offer premium basmati rice known for its aromatic essence, non-basmati rice appreciated for its versatility, and organic rice grown naturally without synthetic additives. Additionally, our selection includes fortified rice kernels, ensuring enhanced nutritional value. With us, customers receive a comprehensive assortment of high-quality rice options, each meticulously crafted to meet varying culinary needs and preferences.

We, as a globally trusted basmati rice exporter and manufacturer,

As a prominent Basmati rice exporter in India, our products have gained recognition not only across India but globally as well. SSI exports basmati rice to numerous countries like the USA, Jordan, Poland, and many others. Renowned as the world's largest exporter of branded Basmati rice, we've earned the trust of our customers. Our commitment as a leading Sella Basmati Rice Manufacturer has solidified our position as one of India's most relied-upon rice suppliers, building trust and reputation through the years.

Summing up

Shiv Shakti International stands tall as a premier basmati rice manufacturer and exporter, revered globally for our commitment to exceptional quality and diverse rice offerings. Our stringent focus on quality, cutting-edge infrastructure, and continuous improvement has earned us certifications and trust worldwide. Join us as the leading basmati and non-basmati rice manufacturer in India. Partner with us as a distributor and be part of our esteemed Shahi Quila Brand family. Extend your market's offerings with our exquisite rice products, fostering excellence together in the global market.