Different Types of Non-Basmati Rice

Different Types of Non-Basmati Rice


Rice comes in various varieties with different characteristics. Among all, basmati rice may be known as the king of rice, but there are several non-basmati rice varieties that are equally good. Basmati rice is long and flavorful, which makes it a superb choice for certain types of delicacies, but when it comes to a majority of dishes requires the use of non-basmati varieties. Non Basmati Rice Exporters in India being the top providers and exporters of different types of rice in India assures the top quality varieties of rice that are good for health.

Non- basmati rice comes in all types of different shapes and sizes. Some of the rice types are long and slender, some are short and thick, some are like beads, and some may be round. None have the same characteristics as basmati rice.

The Non-Basmati Rice, offered by Non Basmati Rice Company in India, is known for its taste, flavor, and nutritional content and is very easy to cook as well. Moreover, the hygienic processing and safe packing of the Non-Basmati Rice make it a widely demanded product.

Non-Basmati Rice Categories:

  • PR11 non-basmati rice
  • PR14 non-basmati rice
  • Parmal non-basmati rice
  • Round non-basmati rice
  • Jeera rice
  • Sona Masuri rice

Lets us take a brief of these non-basmati rice varieties:

PR 11 Non-Basmati Rice

PR 11 non-basmati rice is grown in the northern state of India like Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Haryana, and UP. It has less starch and easy to digest. It has a uniform grain size and upon cooking it does not stick. Due to nominal prices many times it is used as a substitute to basmati rice in delicacies like biryani and fried rice. Non Basmati Rice exporters in India manufactures the supreme rice which is hygienically cleaned. It is processed under the experts who provide special care to rice and it is tested different parameters of the food industry.

PR 14 Non-Basmati Rice

PR 14 is long-grain premium rice of the Non-Basmati Rice category, grown in the Punjab, Haryana, and Uttar Pradesh region of India. It is rich with natural aroma and appetizing taste. Non Basmati Rice Company in India offer superior quality of Long grain PR 14 rice. Due to its non-sticky property, it is known for its freshness in taste. It comes with an average grain length of 6.7 MM to 6.9 MM. The elongation ratio of the grain is 1.5 times if cooked well.

Parmal Non-Basmati Rice

Parmal non-basmati rice holds its ability and flexibility upon cooking and never loses its nutrients. Besides this, the grains become fluffy, separated, and non-sticky after cooking. Also, its aroma and delicious taste can mesmerize food lovers. Varieties of dishes and cuisines are prepared across the world. This rice contains carbohydrates, fiber, and essential minerals, thus this rice type becomes the essential meal of daily diet planners. Moreover, this rice is produced organically; under favorable agro climate conditions with effective use of natural fertilizers.

Round Non-Basmati Rice

Round non basmati rice is fast-cooking, soft, and very sticky. Upon cooking, this rice emits starch and absorbs more water than usual. This kind of rice is suitable for cooking both sweet and spicy dishes. It is a good choice for preparing rice porridge or pudding. In addition, Non basmati Rice Company in India provides the supreme Round rice which is popular for various dishes that include Spanish rice for paella, glutinous rice for sushi and rice balls, and risotto rice for risotto. The rice grains have short, plump, almost round kernels.

Jeera Rice

This is a pure and affordable brand of non-basmati rice preferred by the rice lover due to its delicate flavor, soft texture, and aromatic fragrance. Due to sticky nature, Jeera rice takes less time to cook and during the cooking it releases a pleasant aroma. Moreover, Jeera rice is grown organically without using any pesticides. It is processed by using modern technology under the strict supervision of an experienced team. That is the reason the final products that obtained, is free from dust, pebbles and other unwanted particles.

Sona Masuri Rice

It is considered to be the most significant non-basmati rice as it contains less starch and is easily digestible. Sona Masuri rice, this type of non-basmati rice is a combination of two different rice species Sona and Masuri. Popular for its sweetness and soft texture, this variety of rice feels like love at first bite. It is famous for preparing dishes like porridge, Pongal, biryani and many more dishes.

Final Thought

Finally, non-basmati rice also is equally important as other rice grain types. It is considered an indispensable part of everyday Indian diet due to the multiple health benefits. Non-basmati rice also having some different nutritional values and benefits. Non Basmati Rice Company in India provides the non-basmati rice in bulk. This rice inspects on various parameters of quality to conserve the moisture content. In order to maintain its nutrients values, it is packed in the airtight container in desired quantities at the most affordable prices.