1121 Basmati Rice Suppliers -The longest Rice and Its Different Types

1121 Basmati Rice Suppliers -The longest Rice and Its Different Types


1121 Basmati Rice suppliers:- The 1121 Basmati Rice needs no introduction when it comes to popularity. It is the world's longest rice grain that is popular amongst all rice varieties. This rice variety is one of the most treasured grains and is grown only once a year in the Indo-Gangetic Plain beneath the Himalayan subs ranges. 1121 basmati rice is not only popular for its rich taste, but this classic variety of Basmati rice is also known for its easy-digestible feature. It is a slim rice grain with an average grain length of 8.35 mm+. It extends up to thrice if cooked properly.

Basmati Rice 1121 is known for easy cooking, High nutritional value, Soft texture, and Usage in various cuisines. This rice variety is Ideal for Mughlai Cuisine, Indian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, and Continental Cuisine. 1121 Basmati Rice is also the primary choice of the national as well as international clients due to its various features. Its non-sticky feature makes it one of the most preferred Rice varieties among chefs all around the world.

1121 Basmati Rice - Nutritional Benefits

The 1121 Basmati Rice holds an important position and accepted for its amazing taste and compelling aroma. This rice grain is cultivated very carefully so that its nutritional value can be retained. This rice type is rich in nutritional values and is perfect to be used in various types of cuisines as well.

The best thing about the best 1121 Basmati Rice is that it is completely gluten-free. This rice is an excellent source of vitamins such as niacin and thiamine. One more special thing about this rice is, it is cholesterol free and consuming this rice types make you more healthy and fit. Thus 1121 Basmati Rice is considered an ideal rice variety for those who want to lose weight without going on a diet plan.

Aging plays a key role in the quality of 1121 Basmati rice

When the rice is kept for ageing for one or more years, it gets better than new rice. It enhances its taste, aroma, and cooking characteristics. Under good conditions, it keeps well for up to 10 years. Old 1121 basmati rice cooks up fluffy, with separate grains, and releases a pleasant aroma. Aged rice always remains separated and looks good after cooking never becomes sticky with lumps.

For ease of selection, 1121 Basmati Rice is typically categorized in the following 4 ways.

1121 Raw Basmati Rice

1121 Raw Basmati Rice is a remarkably long variety of rice and has a distinct aroma and discrete nutty taste. When cooked, the 1121 Raw Basmati rice is longer, lighter and fluffier than standard white rice, and does not stick together. It has a satisfying aroma and aesthetically delicious taste. Its average length is 8.35mm.

After knowing the actual demands and requirements of the customers, basmati rice manufacturers in India are offering them a huge array of 1121 Raw Basmati rice. Most importantly, offered rice is safe to consume and easy to digest.


  • Good aroma
  • Highly delicious
  • Non sticky after cooking

1121 Steam Basmati Rice

1121 Steam Basmati Rice is processed through steaming and offers long, clean, and aromatic grains to the food lovers. In the steaming process, steam is passed through the paddy grains, and then removes the Paddy layers while drying them out.

During this process, the rice grain remains white, whereas its surface becomes harder to give it strength to not get broken and cracked upon cooking. Its average length ranges between 7.55 MM and 8.30 MM. Even after the 3 hours of cooking, it maintains freshness.


  • Highly nutritious
  • Hygienically Packed
  • Excellent Taste

White Sella Basmati Rice

This basmati rice is produced organically in different parts of India. It has a hard texture and becomes double its length when cooked. The one biggest quality of white Sella rice is that it does not stick together even after cooking. This rice type is also appreciated for its unmatched quality, tempting taste, and aroma and standard grain size.

This rice type is highly demanded in various food industries for making various delicious dishes such as biryani, fried rice, and onion rice. With an average length ranging between 7.55 mm+ and 8.30 mm+, this fine rice comes in the 100% pure and clean format.


  • Uniform grain size
  • Sweet smell
  • High nutrients contents
  • Delightful taste

1121 Golden Sella Basmati Rice

1121 Golden Sella Basmati Rice is another rice variety of 1121 basmati rice which has high demand. It is hygienically processed and is free from impurities such as stones, husk, and others. It is one of the most amazing and longest basmati rice available in the market. These days, it has become a favorite of the people. Its average length is pretty long between 8 mm to 9 mm. These rice grains are yellow in color and have a strong and sweet aroma.


  • Pleasant taste
  • High quality
  • Excellent taste
  • Available at best market price

Final thought:

Eventually, 1121 basmati rice holds a special place for rice consumers. So, before purchasing you just need to pick the right quality and the right brand. The best 1121 basmati rice you can buy from 1121 Basmati Rice suppliers in India. The rice offered by Shiv Shakti International is widely known for its unique characteristics and amazing taste. The manufacturing process is carried out with an experienced team and advanced machinery assistance. Hence, providing the best quality basmati rice and serving the best taste.