10 Most Rising Questions-Answers about Rice

10 Most Rising Questions-Answers about Rice


Rice is a staple gradient used by more than half the world population. It is easily added in any type of cuisines. Also, it is appreciated by rice lovers due to its chewiness and soft texture. Different types of rice are produced which has different nutritional values and calories.

There is various questions strike in our mind while consuming rice. Is rice healthy? Should we add them to the daily meal? What should be the portion? As nowadays, most of us moving towards the healthy meal that is included vegetables, fruits, wheat, and rice. However, each rice type has several benefits because rice has an amazing source of energy for the body. It regulates blood glucose levels.

Following detail will help you to know about rice:

  • Question:1) Is rice gluten-free food?

    Answer: It is undeniable fact Rice is gluten-free, and it can be easily included in the diet of those patients who are suffering from celiac disease. People who are allergic to the protein, they must avoid wheat, barley and oats. But they can consume rice without any fear as it is gluten-free.

  • Question:2) Should we eliminate rice completely from our daily meal?

    Answer: The answer is NO. Rice is an inseparable part of our Indian meal plan. It is rich in carbohydrates and multiple vitamins which is good for our health. It is consumed domestically and commercially all over the world. So, it cannot eliminate from the daily meal due to its more benefits. However, it is suggested that the rice should be taken in the day time as it digests easily in day time. Still all you need to be mindful of while having your meal.

  • Question:3) Is brown rice is really a weight cutter?

    Answer: For weight loss we really something want which is high in vitamins and minerals and Vitamins and minerals are not available in all types of whole grains. But yes, you can try brown rice which is popular for weight loss. It is a bowl of whole-grain rice with only the hull removed, thus the fats between the remaining layers cause it to spoil more easily than white, and this rice has been milled and stripped of all its layers and nutrients. It is good for overall health. This is only the variety you must switch if you want to lose weight. Moreover, it is full of dietary fiber which boosts your metabolism. In your weight loss journey, you can add khichdi which is the healthiest way to use rice for weight loss.

  • Question:4) Why 2 out of 3 people choose rice instead of chapatti (bread)

    Answer: Rice is a type of grain which can be included easily any kind of cuisines. It s finest texture and aromatic fragrance increase the taste and make it more delicious. Also, nowadays there is a trend of the gluten-free diet and people are switching to rice from chapatti. Rice contains higher amounts of phosphorus, iron and magnesium as compared to chapattis. Phosphorus is good for the kidney, iron helps to form the red blood cells and magnesium regulates the blood pressure and sugar level. That is why rice is preferred by majority of the people.

  • Question:5)How rice has more nutritious than other whole grains?

    Answer: In this modern era, people's buying behavior has been changed. Before buying something, especially the food products they check nutrition's fact. They tend to highly nutritious products such as brown rice because it is rich in vitamin D, niacin and thiamin.

  • Question:6) What is the approx nutritional value of rice?

    Answer: One bowl of rice contains following nutrition values:

    • Calories: 242
    • Fat: 0.4g
    • Sodium: 0mg
    • Carbohydrates: 53.2g
    • Fiber: 0.6g
    • Sugars: 0g
    • Protein: 4.4g
  • Question:7) Is it healthy to eat rice for diabetic patients?

    Answer: Diabetes patients require more vigilant about their diets and habits. Every day what you consume you must conscious about it. Make sure your blood sugar does not rise due to your daily meal. So the best option is Rice which is rich in carbohydrates and also has a high glycemic index score. There is one important thing to remember, if you are diabetic patient, you need to skip rice at dinner. Also, you should avoid eating it in large portions.

  • Question:8) How to store rice?

    Answer: As rice has a long shelf life so, it requires more care and protection. To remain it dust free and safe from insects, rice is stored in moisture free containers. It is stored in a cool dry area; after opening the package, the uncooked rice placed in a sealed airtight container. The Rice suppliers in India supply the rice in bulk or in individual packaging. They practice proper hygiene and food safety techniques which will help prevent food borne illness.

  • Question:9) What is the difference between Basmati rice and non-basmati rice?

    Answer: Basmati rice is a premium and elite variety of long grain rice. It is longer than non basmati rice. It holds a special place in the heart of rice eater. It is worldwide popular for its unparalleled aroma, fine texture, flavor, and outstanding taste. While non-basmati rice comes in all different kinds of shape and size. Some are long, short and some are like beads. Apart from that, after cooking non-basmati rice becomes elongating. Due to its delicious taste, it is used in many dishes. That is why, rice is consumed not only domestically but also commercially it is consumed.

  • Question:10) Is rice has any disadvantage?

    Answer: Like every other ingredient, there are pros and cons. As excess of everything is always dangerous. Consumption of rice is always not good; a small portion of rice is good for health. However, when it comes to weight loss two things matter the most. The type of rice you eat and the portion size that means the amount of rice you eat daily. But the excess of rice included lots of carbohydrates and fats which can increase the weight and can be harmful for diabetic patient.

Wrap it up

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