10 Largest Rice Production States of India

10 Largest Rice Production States of India


Rice is an essential crop that is consumed by every human being across the world. In addition, India is considered the second-largest rice producer in the world. In the last financial year, the country produced over 100 tons of rice.

Being the largest producer, India has transformed into the world's largest rice producer. It is estimated that India exported over 8 million tons of rice in its financial year. Rice suppliers in India provide the best quality of rice which is appreciated by customers.

There are 10 top states of rice producers:

  • West Bengal:

    Rice plays an important role in West Bengal resident's daily routine. The state provides 50% of its cultivation. In the last financial year the state produced 146.05 lakh hectare of the area.

  • Uttar Pradesh:

    Uttar Pradesh is another agriculture state of India which contributes to 13% of rice production in the total production of rice in the country. Rice is a popular crop in UP, which is cultivated in the states, across 59 lakh hectares of the area.

  • Punjab:

    It is the most popular and the largest rice cultivating state in the country. It is considered that basmati rice is one of the most expensive and best quality rice produced in Punjab. This rice is famous for its aroma and exquisite taste. Punjab contributes 10% of the total production of rice. This state produced 105.42 lakh tons of rice.

  • Tamil Nadu:

    Tamil Nadu holds the 5th position on the top ten rice producing states in the country. It contributes approx 8% of the total production of rice in India and produces 3900 kg of rice, per hectare. In the financial year, the state produced 75.85 lakh tons.

  • Andhra Pradesh:

    Andhra Pradesh is the most successful rice-producing state, which contributes 7.23% in the total production of rice. This state produces more than 128.95 lakh tones of rice.

  • Bihar:

    Bihar has been experimenting the modern technology in agriculture, which has helped the overall production and growth. 33 lakh hectares of area is used for the rice production. In the last financial year, Bihar produced 72.68 lakh tons of rice.

  • Chhattisgarh:

    Rice production in Chhattisgarh has been increasing with every passing year. Also, it contributes to 5.4% of the total production of rice in India. Chhattisgarh made a production of 64.28 lakh in its financial year.

  • Odisha:

    Rice is an essential part of daily meals in the southern state. It is expected that 65% of land in Odisha is cultivated for rice. However, this state only accounts for 5% of the total production of rice. In the financial year, more than 60.48 lakh ton of rice was produced in Odisha.

  • Assam:

    Assam is known for a humid atmosphere, which is essential for the crop. Due to good rainfall and constant humidity, this region is perfectly suitable for rice production. In the last financial year, the state made a production of over 48.18 million.

  • Haryana:

    Rice manufacturers in India, rice suppliers satisfied their customers by providing quality rice. During the last four decades, Haryana occupies an important place among the rice-producing states of India. Haryana has a high yield of 27.2 quintals per hectare.

Eventually, different regions serve different types of rice. It is a blessing that Rice manufacture in India provides a variety of rice which is a staple crop and food of India. Rice is a major agriculture crop which helps to develop the Indian economy.