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Rice Manufacturers in India

Shiv Shakti International, known as global manufacturer and exporter of finest quality basmati rice. We deal in different varieties of Organic basmati and Non basmati rice ranging from 1121 basmati rice, traditional basmati, Pusa basmati etc. To provide healthy nutritious rice varieties for the healthy people, we use the best processing techniques in growing pesticide free organic rice. Our naturally grown long grains have rich aroma and finest texture when compared to other grains. Since our products are highly appreciated worldwide, we are dedicated to deliver superior quality rice to our customers.

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Basmati Rice Exporter in India

SSI is a well-known name in the industry for offering the superior quality of basmati rice. For 16 years, SSI has known the world over for superior flavor, rich texture, and delicate aroma. The well-merited experience and reliability on high-quality standards from farm to the final destination. This enables us to guarantee quality rice, regular supply, and the best service. Our company has been successfully meeting the demands of various customers across the globe. We always understand and exceed our customers’ expectations and fulfill their demands. Furthermore, our manufactured rice is well cleaned according to high standards of quality and hygienically processed to maintain the highest international standards.

SSI Basmati Products


Manufacturer & Leading Exporter since then is supplying a variety of Rice to Indian and international region


Shiv Shakti International has a spacious and hygienic warehousing facility with a huge capacity. This allows the management to be more flexible in their storage. We also specialize in rich suitable for catering companies in bulk packing. We have all types of machines to produce more edible rice. Our infrastructure machines allow us to offer customized packaging in any size and packing material as per client requirements.

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Quality Assurance

We have a rich knowledge of rice that is backed by our rich experience. Our ethical business practices have made us a niche in this industry. Our strong focus on rice quality, so, our rice is not only rich in essential nutrients but is also easy to digest.

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Why us?

Over the years, a leading basmati rice exporter in India Shiv Shakti International has earned the trust of the customers and become one of the most trusted brands. Due to this enduring trust, we are able to win an impressive lot of international clients as well as national clients. Our strong and expert team emphasis on quality and form the backbone of our manufacturing processes. Along with that, our manufacturing process preserves the natural aroma of the rice so that our consumers can feel the real taste of our rice. Our main objective provides the natural qualities of the rice as much as possible. Eventually, our customization of rice grain to suit individual customer’s requirement.

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Our Mission

As one of the world's leading Basmati manufacturers and exporters, we are dedicated to delivering superior quality to our customers; provide a professional business environment, which encourages employee value, growth, and job happiness; and develops a growth-oriented enterprise. Further, SSI holds the vision to connect people with a universal language of food, granting them the most premium rice in terms of flavor and quality.

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